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DV13100    10lb

DV13120       40lb

Floor Patch

All purpose concrete patching compound with a compression strength of 8000 psi, three times the typical strength of concrete.


  • Easy-to-mix and apply

  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including concrete, brick, masonry, metal, or wood surfaces

  • Excellent resistance to water, oils, solvents, and alkalis

  • Functional cure in 8 hours; full cure in 16 hours

  • Acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants

  • Listed under NSN stock #8030-01-240-8318

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DV13110    10lb

Floor Patch (Fast Cure)

A fast-curing version of dependable Floor Patch™ with all of the characteristics of the regular product.


  • 15-minute pot life allows repair to be back in service in 3 hours

  • Primer system allows bonding to wet surfaces and at temperatures below 40°F

  • Acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants

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DV13550    35lb

Ultra Quartz

Heavy-duty, premium floor patching system with excellent chemical resistance. This premium patching system includes a surface priming system for superior bonding to existing concrete or other surfaces.


  • Compression strength of 9000 psi

  • Outstanding resistance to acids, alkalis, water, oils, solvents, and most chemicals

  • Non-sag characteristics ideal for vertical applications

  • Easily trowelable for a non-porous finish

  • Full cure in 16 hours

  • Acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants

Epoxy Coat 7000 (Non VOC)

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DV12710    2gal

100% solids (no volatile organic compounds) self-leveling floor coating that can be applied to smooth or mildly spalled concrete, producing an extremely durable and attractive chemical-resistant finish. NSF R2 Approved.


  • Silica aggregate can be added to rebuild floors that need a “high build” coating of 1/8” or greater

  • Safe-T-Grit 300 or Anti-Skid Silica (food grade) can be added to the mixture to provide a non-skid surface

  • NSF R2 Approved

  • Acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants

  • Unit Size: 2 gallon

  • Cure Time: 24 hours 

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DV12750    5gal

Epoxy Coat 7000 AR

100% solids epoxy novalac system designed to protect surfaces from severe acid and chemical attack.


  • Excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces

  • Ideal for use around chemical storage tanks, dike walls, and containment areas

  • Durable, attractive, easy-to-clean surface

  • Resistant to sulfuric acid in concentrations up to 98%

  • Open Time: 36 minutes

  • Cure Time: 24 hours

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DV13090    2gal

Floor Grip

Heavy-duty epoxy compound with silicone carbide granules, for an exceptional non-skid surface on walkways, ramps, loading docks and stairs. Brushed or rolled on, silicon carbide granules are then broadcast over the surface to provide a superior non-skid finish.


  • Bonds to damp surfaces and exhibits excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, steel, and aluminum

  • Can be applied at temperatures as low as 40°F

  • Interior or exterior surfaces

  • Acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants