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Flexane® 80 Putty

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DV15820     1lb

Trowelable, 100% solids, tear-resistant urethane compound used to line and repair process equipment exposed to impact abrasion, vibration, expansion, and contraction.


  • Cures to a tough, medium-hard rubber (Hardness 87 Shore A)

  • Easy-to-mix; smoothly trowels

  • Service temperatures to 180°F in dry environments and 120°F in wet environments

  • Bonds to metal, concrete, rubber, wood, and fiberglass surfaces

  • Used with Flexane® primers for maximum adhesion to metal, rubber, and concrete surfaces

  • Open Time: 20 Minutes

  • Functional Cure: 12 hours

  • Color: Black

  • Mix Ratio : 72:28 

Flexane® 80 Liquid

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DV15800     1lb

Castable, non-shrinking, medium-viscosity (10,000 cps) urethane compound for making rugged, flexible molds, forming dies, cast parts, non-scratching holding fixtures and abrasion-and noise-resistant linings, as well as for encapsulating parts.


  • Two-component compound easy to mix and pour

  • Cures at room temperature to a semi-rigid rubber material

  • Makes precision molds that faithfully reproduce detail

  • Listed under NSN#8030-00-144-9756

  • Returns to its original shape after 350% elongation

  • Ten-hour demolding time

  • Open Time: 30 Minutes

  • Functional Cure: 16 hours

  • Color: Black

  • Mix Ratio: 77:23

Flexane® 94 Liquid

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DV15250     1lb

Castable, non-shrinking, low-viscosity (6,000 cps) urethane compound that cures to a rigid rubber material (Hardness Shore A 97).


  • Makes flexible molds and non-scratching holding fixtures

  • Makes cast rubber replacement parts that may have been discontinued

  • Requires only a five hour demolding time

  • Hardness rated at 97 Shore A

  • Listed under NSN stock #8030-01-036-9228

  • Open Time: 10 Minutes

  • Functional Cure: 16 hours

  • Color: Black

  • Mix Ratio (volume): 69:31 

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DV15980     4oz

Flexane® FL-10 Primer

Liquid primer used in conjunction with all Devcon® Flexanes in order to maximize the adhesion to metals and itself


  • Required for bonding all Devcon® Flexanes 

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DV15985     4oz

Flexane® FL-20 Primer

Liquid primer used in conjunction with all Devcon® Flexanes in order to maximize the adhesion to concrete, rubber, wood, fiberglass, and itself.


  • Provides maximum adhesion to rubber, wood, fiberglass, concrete, and Flexane®

  • Required for bonding of all Devcon® Flexanes

  • Listed under NSN Stock #8010-01-343-4809


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DV15984     4oz

Flexane® FL-40 Rubber Primer

Liquid primer used in conjunction with all Devcon® Flexanes in order to maximze adhesion to rubber


  • One-part primer which dries in 5 minutes.

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DV19600     1pt

Liquid Release Agent

Silicone-type liquid release agent that prevents Devcon® epoxy and urethane compounds from sticking to patterns or mold surfaces.


  • Produces a high gloss finish

  • Facilitates the accurate duplication of intricate details


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DV15565    1.5lb

Devcon® R-Flex® is formulated to quickly repair tears, holes and gouges as well as protecting clips in styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) heavy weight conveyor belts. Offering excellent abrasion resistance as well as superior adhesion, the R-Flex® urethane compound is easy to mix and cures quickly — the repaired belt can be back in service just 90 minutes after application.


  • Rapid curing

  • Superior abrasion resistance

  • Exceptional flexibility

  • Protect Belt Clips and Splices from Scrapers, with pulleys > 10" diameter

  • Open Time: 4 Minutes

  • Fixture Time: 7-9 Minutes

  • Gap Fill: 0.01" - 0.07"

  • Color: Black